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Summary transcript for 27 Sept 2013 #AWCchat: Women and Leadership

Thanks to everyone who participated in our 69th #AWCChat on Twitter, about women and leadership with special guest host (and AWC International Matrix Award winner) Bonnie St. John, co-author with her daughter Darcy Deane of How Great Women Lead.

Here is what we discussed:

1)  When you think of a great woman leader, who makes your list?

2)  What are some of the characteristics that make up a great leader?

3)  How do you integrate leadership & management in your leadership role? (Can day-to-day managers also be true leaders?)

4)  How have your female mentors affected the way you lead?

5)  What attributes of motherhood help make women good leaders?

Many Resource links and quotes from women leaders were shared, too.

**  On our AWC Chirpstory channel – the summary transcript for the 27 Sept chat.

**  Chat schedule and topics for September 2013.

Thanks for your support of the AWC (Association for Women in Communications) community.


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