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Summary transcript for 23 May 2013 #AWCchat: Finding and Being a Mentor

Thanks to everyone who participated in our 55th #AWCChat on Twitter, about mentoring.

Here is what we discussed:

1)  What does the term “mentor” mean to you? Is it a buzzword, or is there real meat behind it?

2)  If “everyone says” you should have a mentor (or 2) then how does one acquire this magic person?  🙂

3)  If you’re in a position to be a mentor yourself, what holds you back?

Don’t miss all of the helpful how-to Resource links we tweeted, either.

**  On our AWC Chirpstory channel – the summary transcript for the 23 May chat.

**  Chat schedule and topics for May 2013

Thanks for your support of the AWC (Association for Women in Communications) community.


Chat topics, dates and times for May 2013

We’re excited to be in our 2nd year of #AWCchat:  a one-hour, weekly online chat on Twitter where we discuss a variety of communications-related topics.

Nope, you do not have to be an AWC (Association for Women in Communications) member or a woman to participate.

The chat is held weekly, for one hour, 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. CST (Central Standard Time) on Thursdays. There will usually be a transcript on our Chirpstory channel if you can’t make it.

Here is a helpful post on how to participate in a Twitter chat, by Lisa Barone. Here’s the plan:

Schedule/Topics May 2013

(Updated 15 May to reflect schedule changes.)

    • Thursday, May 2 – no chat
    • Thursday, May 9 – chat rescheduled
    • Thursday, May 16 – Managing your email without losing your mind
    • Thursday, May 23 – Mentoring:  being one and finding one
    • Thursday, May 30 – Website analytics, stats and data: which ones really matter?

Please follow @AWCchat on Twitter, and tweet us any other topic ideas you have. We look forward to seeing you at one or all of the chat sessions.

Thanks very much for your support of the AWC – where we “get” communications integration thanks to our diverse and talented membership!

Summary transcript for 2 Feb 2012 #AWCchat: mentoring

Thanks to everyone who participated in our ninth #AWCChat on Twitter, on the topic of mentoring.

There were four questions for discussion during this chat:

1)   If you’re new to a field or are considering a career change, how can you find a mentor in the new field BEFORE you start working in it?

2)   If you are or have been a mentor, how would you like to be asked/approached to work with someone?

3)   Should women mentor each other more?

4)   Are social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook appropriate for approaching possible mentors? How about LikedIn?

Additional resource links were included in the chat.

**  On Chirpstory – the summary transcript for 2 Feb chat on mentoring.

The next #AWCChat is scheduled for 9 February 2012, on the topic of whether you still need a resume or CV in 2012.

**  Chat schedule and topics for February 2012

Thanks for your support of the AWC (Association for Women in Communications) community.

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