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Summary transcript for 1 August 2013 #AWCchat: B2B communications

Thanks to everyone who participated in our 62nd #AWCChat on Twitter, about B2B (business to business) communications and how they differ (or DO they?) from B2C (business to consumer.)

Here is what we discussed:

1)  Why is so much B2B content so boring….and what can we do about that?

2)  How can B2B communications strategies incorporate social media?

3)  What can you do starting today to liven up your B2B communications?

Don’t miss the helpful Resource links we tweeted, either (some say it’s their favorite part of the chats.) We featured DitchWitch and Dun & Bradstreet as B2B best practices examples.

**  On our AWC Chirpstory channel – the summary transcript for the 1 August chat.

**  Chat schedule and topics for August 2013

Thanks for your support of the AWC (Association for Women in Communications) community.


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