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Summary transcript for 16 May 2013 #AWCchat: Email Productivity

Thanks to everyone who participated in our 54th #AWCChat on Twitter, about how to efficiently handle your email (and yes, it’s a challenge for all of us. You are not alone.)

Here is what we discussed:

1)  Why do you think so many of us struggle w/groaning piles of email? It’s NOT because we are lazy or stupid, either.

2)  What is your process for handling email? Certain times of day/when they come in? On phone or desktop?

3)  How can you keep stuff out of your IN box to start with? Let’s talk about filters & Unsubscribing.

4)  What is ONE thing you’d like to do, starting today, to more efficiently handle your email?

Don’t miss all of the helpful how-to Resource links we tweeted, either.

**  On our AWC Chirpstory channel – the summary transcript for the 16 May chat.

**  Chat schedule and topics for May 2013

Thanks for your support of the AWC (Association for Women in Communications) community.

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