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Summary transcript for 24 Jan 2013 #AWCchat: Publicizing awards

Thanks to everyone who participated in our 43rd #AWCChat on Twitter, about how to acknowledge, celebrate and publicize when you win an award, but not come across as an annoying show-off.

Three questions were posed:

1)  If you get a significant award, should you send out a press release? Why or why not?

2)  How can you publicize your award(s) on your website & social media channels? Or is it not appropriate for social?

3)  How can you give back if you’ve been blessed with award recognition? (nominate someone else for one, yo!)

—>>  We mentioned that the AWC Clarion Award nominations are open, with a wide variety of communications award categories. Check it out!

**  On Chirpstory – the summary transcript for the 24 Jan chat.

**  Chat schedule and topics for January 2013

Thanks for your support of the AWC (Association for Women in Communications) community.

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