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Summary transcript for 13 Sept 2012 #AWCchat: does a résumé still matter?

Thanks to everyone who participated in our 33rd  #AWCChat on Twitter, about whether the good old paper résumé still matters in today’s hiring practices.

Four questions were posted for discussion:

1)   Let’s hear from the résumé advocates first. Why does this piece of paper still matter today?

2)   Now let’s hear from the folks who’ve stuck a fork in the résumé, ’cause it’s dead. Why do you think so?

3)   What can be done to modernize a paper résumé so that the most un-modern hiring folks will still accept it?

4)   What can each of us do THIS WEEK to have a better one-page career summary (aka résumé) in hand if needed?

It was a very lively discussion and included several recruiting and hiring experts; thanks everyone!

**  On Chirpstory – the summary transcript for 13 Sept chat on the relevance of the modern résumé.

The next chat is on Thursday, 20 September at 1130 am CST, about how to get a decent-paying, relevant job with a communications degree.

If you know any mass comm or journalism students, please let them know about the 20 September chat and encourage them to participate. The quality of the chat is directly proportional to how many people show up and participate!

**  Chat schedule and topics for September 2012

Thanks for your support of the AWC (Association for Women in Communications) community.

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